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Canoeing AdventureLand ForsterCanoeing

Most people get the opportunity to go canoeing at some point in their lives. When better to begin learning important skills for this recreational activity than now.

All our canoeing sessions are run on flat water, whether it is an introduction for Primary students, through to advanced sessions for Seniors.

Canoeing helps develop water confidence, teamwork, balance and general coordination.

We use Canadian style canoes (very stable) and all students are required to wear a type 2 or 3 pfd.

Junior Year 3 up, Senior Year 6 up.

Dolphin watching AdventureLand ForsterDolphin watching

Cruise duration is approximately 2 hours and includes morning tea.

There is approximately 250-300 resident inshore Bottle-Nosed Dolphins inhabiting the waters of Forster/Tuncurry. These local Dolphins are our pride and joy and seem to be as interested in the boats as we are in them. They will often come over to the boat on what we call “Human Watch”, where they check out whose on board today!

Mud World AdventureLand ForsterMud World

This activity has become one of the most popular activities at camp.

Mud world is made up of many elements and is designed to develop teamwork and communication.

Yes the students get muddy, hence the name “mud world” and have a lot of fun getting that way!.

Generally Year 6 up.

Raft Building AdventureLand ForsterRaft Building

Raft Building is an excellent summer initiative activity.

Students are given the task of designing, building and racing their own raft against other student teams. It is a great hands on demonstration of practical problem solving skills in a real situation.

Junior Year 5 up, Senior Year 7 up.

Water Slides AdventureLand ForsterWater Slides

Time to cool off ? Do it in the most exciting way possible – by shooting down our fast flowing water slides!

A short trip to the top, a deep breath and a brave plunge will see you flying down one of our two fully enclosed water slides, zooming through its exciting twists and turns before finally splashing down in the cool blue landing pool below.

Our fully trained staff are always there to ensure safety and fun, so why not come and chill out on our water slides!

Zorbs AdventureLand ForsterZorbs

A brand new activity allowing the students to experience something they can’t get to do every day. Students are placed individually inside a giant inflatable Zorb ball where they can spin around at fast speeds.

Zorbs AdventureLand ForsterStanding paddleboard

A new activity coming from Hawaii, stand up paddle boarders maintain an upright stance on their boards and use a paddle to propel themselves through the water.

paddle_boat_cu58Paddle Boat

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