High School Syllabus Incursions Program


Active Education is one of the largest private providers of quality crossroads programs for NSW State High Schools. Qualified PD/H/PE teachers amongst the staff have developed the materials and will continue to run the program during your stay.

Business Research Task

This program is designed to help Business Studies students complete their Business Reseach Task in a novel manner. Come along and look at the company from the inside and the fun-side at the same time.

Senior Biology Fields Study

An in-depth field study program designed by Biology teachers to compliment the Senior syllabus. The program has been refined over the past 10 years and incorporates extensive worksheets, hands on testing, comparative studies of over 10 different habitiats, and several of our exciting activities.

Personal Development/Health/Physical Education(PD/H/PE)

Utilising the skills of our own PD/H/PE teachers we have developed programs that will compliment your school’s program. These programs can incorporate varying degrees of our exciting Outdoor Education activities, and our custom designed workshops, according to your school’s needs.

Physical Activities and Sports Studies (PASS)

As an extension of the PD/H/PE program we also offer various levels of the PASS programs. Our Watagan Mountain expeditions along with the Natural Face Rock Climbing and Abseiling helps students complete the Outdoor Education component. Alternatively, we can also incorporate the Event Management module when required.

Aboriginal Studies

These programs are a unique opportunity for students to share experiences and develop friendships whilst gaining insight into the history and culture of indigenous Australia. With exclusive access to significant local sites, NSW’s largest private artifact display and teamed with Koori Guides we are the only operator in NSW to offer such a program. When combined with some of our other exciting activities, it is the experience of a lifetime for both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students.


The Newcastle Regional Museum is a prime location with a series of exhibitions on World War I. These exhibitions are relevant to all secondary students of history in NSW with a tour and syllabus worksheets to guide them through this area. Next is a visit to Fort Scratchley, which was bombed in World War II, providing students with a visual display of what they have just learnt. Another popular option for a hostorical tour is Maitland Gaol which has housed some of Australia’s most notorius criminals in the past. A guided tour from ex-inmates gives students a close up look at what life was like inside the gaol.


Our anti-bullying program will reflect on the relationship between the activities at camp and teamwork and co-operation as part of the strategy. Students are asked to complete questions that are a broad overview of bullying situations. Our Anti-Bullying programs can either incorporate workshops or simply debriefing after activity sessions.

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