High School Programs

Our secondary outdoor education programs provide outstanding learning opportunities for students and are designed to supplement and value-add to the curriculum. We work to ensure that there is a continuum of learning that increases the knowledge, understandings, skills and dispositions of students. We offer choice and flexibility and can tailor packages to suit your specific educational outcomes.

Below are the programs on offer for stages 4, 5 & 6 in the school curriculum. You can also speak to one of our Program Coordinators and tailor a program based around your needs.

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Year 7 Orientation

Stepping into Year 7 can be a daunting experience for any student, this is why we have carefully developed our Year 7 Orientation programs. Morisset is a wonderful setting to develop new friendships, to foster positive Teacher/Student relations and build some group cohesion.

Year 7 Peer Support

As a compliment to an ‘in school program’ our Peer Support Camps offer leaders the opportunity to establish rapport with their groups and to develop and implement leadership skills. Year 7 students are able to develop friendships, group cohesion, enhance their self esteem and identify with their Peer Support Leaders and Peer Group. The camp also fosters positive Teacher/Student relations in a fun and exciting setting.

Year 8-10 Getaways

Have your Year 10 students worked hard this year? Do they need a little break? Maybe just a change of scenery. Active Education provides the perfect backdrop for a retreat. Combine this camp with another syllabus inclusion and jump on the bus.

Year 8-9 Resiliance

This program explores issues such as self-esteem, body image, anti-bullying, media messages, positive self-talk, social media, relationship building and personal safety. The program uses art as a key medium to explore issues and feelings, with students creating a journal to include the memories and friendships made along the way. This, coupled with a range of outdoor fun activities, makes this program experience one to remember.

Year 9-10 Study Skills

The relaxed and interactive environment of a school camp provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn and refine their study skills. Our study skills program uses experiential learning activities to help students discover their own learning styles and how to study effectively. The sessions cover time management, planning and priorities, motivation, goal setting, study techniques and exam preparation. The perfect preparation for the testing years ahead.

Year 9-10 Life skills

This innovative leadership program develops skills through experiential learning activities. Underlying themes include the importance of taking responsibility, setting goals and priorities, teamwork, cooperation and effective communication.
Developed by outdoor education specialists in consultation with a leadership training expert and high school teachers, Equipped for Life uses games and activities, small-group learning and discussion as well as outdoor activities to explore a range ofpersonal leadership themes.

Year 10 Retreats

These programs are designed as follow-on programs, and build on many of the skills that students have previously encountered. Students are offered a wide range of challenging and unique activities aimed at enhancing the personal and technical skills associated with Outdoor Education. A valuable and enjoyable experience for students and teachers.

Year 10 Wilderness Adventures

Are your students participating in Duke of Edinburgh, or just interested in heading off the ‘beaten track’. Our Wilderness Adventures develop leadership, teamwork and initiative skills through challenging practical experiences.

3 R’s

3 R’s is the multi-activity-based program and one of our most popular packages. With more than 40 activities to choose from, you select what best suits your curriculum needs. Students are kept involved and engaged from breakfast to bedtime with a huge variety of land and water-based adventure activities.
Staff focus on developing students resilience, relationships and reflection skills (the 3Rs). Students are encouraged to think and talk about their feelings and reactions as well as recognise their own and others’ achievements. Our staff facilitate positive interaction between your students to build strong, supportive relationships and develop each individual.
With the support of peers and staff, young people are motivated to push themselves to surprisingly high levels of achievement – and relish the sense of success this brings.

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