Night Activities




CampfireCampfire AdventureLand Forster


Each night groups can relax around the campfire after an action filled day. Generally groups will enjoy their supper whilst the instructor tells them a story.

Cute little children lying on floor AdventureLand ForsterChallenge Night

Based around the TV show “Minute to Win it”. Students are split into smaller teams and compete in a wide range of physical and mental challenges.

Commando AdventureLand ForsterCommando

We all know and loved the game of spotlight when we were younger. Well these days we take it to the next level in the game of Commando where a handful of students are taken hostage by the teachers whilst the remaining students try to rescue them.

Disco Lights AdventureLand ForsterDisco Night

Feel like the students need a chance to really unwind at the end of camp then the Disco is the place to be. We convert one of our indoor areas into a disco venue with blasting music and flashing lights.

watching TV AdventureLand ForsterMovie Night

A digital projector is available for the students to relax and watch a movie night after dinner. This is a stress free option that many students enjoy as there is very little time to sit down during the day.


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