While not in the air or on water, the students are offered to take part in other fun activities, which aim to develop teamwork, cooperation and communication.

Please have a look at our great range of other activities below:

Archery is one of the most popular activities for students to participate in at camp. With the chance to do something you don’t normally do on your average weekend students are guided through a safe and fun way to enjoy this unique Olympic sport.

Archery is offered at all camp centres and is suitable for all ages.

When the kids smash through their go on the karts it leaves sometime for the visiting staff to be spoilt and have a go on the karts all together #adventureland

Posted by Adventureland Forster on Sunday, 23 June 2019

Adventureland Centre has the perfect location to include a bush walk into your program. Its a great break up from the high action adrenaline activities that are often associated with camp and can also include some initiative exercises if you’d like to include some team building activities along the way.

Hopefully, by the end, students will have gained a greater respect for the environment, if not just a greater knowledge of the local flora and fauna.

Available on-site at the Adventureland Centre and suitable for all ages

En Garde!

This gentlemen’s sport with a long tradition is a great way to keep fit and isn’t something that is available for everyone to have the chance to do in there lifetime. Equipped with full body armour, helmets and foils students are taught basic offensive and defensive moves and get to test there new learned skills against friends, foes and or even teachers in a safe environment. It tests agility, balance, speed and endurance, and also cleverly introduces teamwork, leadership and accepting bad decisions due to its unique scoring and judging system.

In the end it’s lots of fun and students will learn something too.

Fencing is available at all centres and is suitable for all ages.

Are your students up for the challenge to team up in small groups, learn to read a map and be the first to find all the Gnomes in our great Orienteering Gnome Hunt. Your students will be exploring all around our center grounds following the clues to find all the hidden locations that our gnomes are hiding. Orienteering is a great team working activity where your students will learn to work together and problem solve there way to the finish line.

Available at all centres and for all ages. For younger students they don’t deal with compasses but rather basic map work.