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Abseiling AdventureLand Forster


Abseiling is the art of ‘descending a rope’ and is a fun and very rewarding activity offered in our centre. It can also take place at Monkey Face in the Watagans Mountains.


We offer a 10 and 5 metre abseiling tower at the center. We can also participate in using a 15 or 50 metre natural abseil in the Watagan Mountains.

Generally Year 6 up.

Challenge Ropes AdventureLand ForsterChallenge Ropes

Our Challenge Ropes Course is an obstacle course suspended more than 5m off the ground. They are made out of wood, cables, ropes, steel, natural trees and artificial poles.

Multiple elements on each course are graded differently and can even be completed in different ways. This makes them extremely popular because they are so versatile at challenging students.

All students are required to wear harnesses, helmets and a self belay device.

Junior Year 3 up, Senior Year 5 up.

Dual Flying Fox AdventureLand ForsterDual Flying Fox

You can find a Flying Fox at Adventureland! There is something exhilarating about jumping out into thin air, suspended on only a thin cable and whizzing to your destination over our camp lake. The difference with our Flying Fox is that two people may go at the same time.

The Flying Fox is a great activity that helps develop confidence at heights and is still quite challenging for many students. The ability for student pairs to go together helps develop peer support, or healthy competition, depending on the setting and allows two people to directly share the experience.

Our Flying Fox is 150m long over our camp lake and will reach speeds of about 60km/h.

Junior Year 3 up, Senior Year 6 up.

Giant Swing AdventureLand ForsterGiant Swing

Our Giant Swing has been a great drawcard over the years and students have always commented on this activity as one of their favourites while they are at camp.

After being harnessed in by one of our instructors the rest of the group will pull you to the top of the swing (or as high as you want to go) and before you grab your rip cord. You have to see it to really understand.

The Giant Swing is a great activity to build confidence at heights and is the perfect example of our Challenge by Choice philosophy.

All students are required to wear harnesses and helmets. Junior Year 3 up, Senior Year 6 up.

Rock Climbing AdventureLand ForsterRock Climbing

Rock Climbing is a great activity. It tests physical co-ordination, agility and endurance. It also tests students problem solving skills as they attempt to pick the easiest path from the bottom to the top. Trust and teamwork are also important as climbers are belayed by teams of their peers. With an activity as valuable as this it is easy to realise why it is so popular.

We offer Rock Climbing in a variety of formats.

We provide a 15m artificial tower for 6 climbers. The overhang at the top of the tower can be extended out to 30 degrees to suit the ability of the students.

All students are required to wear a harness and a helmet.

Juniors can climb on rock climbing grips while seniors use natural rockfaces.

Junior Year 3 up, Senior Year 5 up.

Team Work Challenge AdventureLand ForsterTeam Work Challenge

An aerial based teamwork course with a variety of elements. Worth together with your most trusted friends to complete a series of challenges whilst being harnessed to a team of supervised belayers. Challenges include the UFO walk, Giant Multi-Vine, High-Y and Vertical Jacobs ladder all completed under the careful supervision of your team of instructors. The challenges can reach a massive 12m in the air with a great view of the camp and surrounding area.


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