Our high activities challenge people to face their fear of heights and have the support of their peers while doing so.

Students find an enormous amount of personal satisfaction in overcoming their fear and make the most of seeing the world as giants.

Please have a look at our great range of high activities below:

The giant swing has been a highlight for students for years and is one activity all students look forward to. Standing at 12m high, students are strapped into a full body harness and a helmet and are then lifted to the top by there fellow students. Students build up the courage to release themselves from the top and fly through the air in a Adrenalin pumping ride.

All the activities at our center are challenge by choice so if students are nervous about the Giant Swing they will never be forced but our friendly instructors will always try to encourage students to try and step out of there comfort zones to experience something new.

The Giant Swing is offered across all centres and is available for all ages.

With our two High Ropes courses (7m-12m high) we focus on personal achievements and confronting personal fears and anxieties with our lessons.

Challenges consist of tight rope wires, ropes, bridges and hanging obstacles. Also programs are developed to enhance cooperation, decision making, self confidence, positive risk-taking, trust, self esteem, leadership and teamwork.

Team Vertical Challenge is designed for several students to be climbing at one time. This activity requires students to work together as a team to make it to the top. It will test your students abilities at working together to reach a common goal, test there climbing abilities and communication skills.

A great activity to get several students involved and working together while climbing and also on the ground safely belaying there friends while they encourage them to get to the top.

The Flying Fox is a great activity that helps develop confidence at heights and is still quite challenging for many students.

At our centre the ability for student pairs to go together helps develop peer support, or healthy competition, depending on the setting and allows two people to directly share the experience.

The dual flying fox that departs from the top of the Waterslide Hill around 15m in the air. The participants then go over the campsites dam before landing on the finishing runway on the opposite side 120m away.

Our challenge ropes provides the students the chance to climb through the trees on a series of different challenges partnered with a friend. Challenges consist of wobbly bridges, tight ropes, nets, swinging steps and swinging logs with 2 different flying foxes to exit the course.

A great activity for the whole group with every student getting involved and all climbing through the trees together. The course is designed to build convinced with heights with the start of the course being easier and the further you progress through the course the challenges get harder.