Adventureland Forster Camp

Welcome to Adventureland Forster Tuncurry where we provide mainly school based camp programs. We offer a wide range of syllabus based programs such as Life Ready and Peer Support as well as your standard Outdoor Education Camps. We offer a wide range height, water and land based activities at our centre. If you would like to look at some more of our activities or some of our programs click one of the links below.


Water Based Activities

Our water activities help develop water confidence, teamwork, balance and co-ordination.

Height Based Activities

Our high activities challenge people to face their fear of heights and have the support of their peers while doing so.

Land Based Activities

While not in the air or on water, the students are offered to take part in other fun activities.

High School Programs

Year 7 Orientation programs, Year 8-10 getaways,

 Life Ready programs for NSW State High Schools,

Personal development / health/ PD/H/PE and many more programs are offered at our camp.

Primary School Programs

Do you want to give your Year 6 students something special?

Are you just looking for an excuse to send your Year 4 students away for a couple of days?

Either way your Primary students will benefit from some experiential learning,

some team building and some plain old excitement.

Organisational Documents

During the organisation of a school group program with Adventureland the organising teacher will be emailed all the relevant documentation in relevant timelines to help with getting camp ready.

If you require it earlier you can email to request it or access it at the below link.

Information available for




Our professionally developed anti bullying program will allow students to engage in a growth mindset. It focuses on respect for self respect for others, personal values and preventing anti-social behaviour.


The relaxed and interactive environment of a school camp provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn and refine their study skills.


Run the entire syllabus-compulsory life ready program for your seniors over 2-3 days at our Adventureland Centre with information sessions run by our experienced professional staff.

Watch This Space

We hope everyone is doing the best they can in these uncertain times. We are trying to remain positive and want to spread some good news and something to look forward to when the madness all ends.
Outdoor Education NSW will look to open on Weekend and Holidays as an Adventure Playground as soon as the social distancing bans are lifted and we are able to get on with normality.
Imagine being able to come back to camp and do all the fun activities all over again.
So make sure you like this page and spread the word so when we’re allowed outside again we can do it in style

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